Monday, February 18, 2013

Exploration 5

Finally, I got off this 2 day flight to half across the world. It was weird I didn't get off at a terminal I actually had to walk down the steps of the plane and had to walk to the main airport building. This was my first time arriving to the whole new place. It was my first time I ever set foot on the motherland...well India. It was quite different from America. So as I am walking into the airport building I notice this strange smell that just did not smell quite clean. "But hey I am in a different country nothing can be same" I told myself. We got our luggage and went outside to get a ride to our house that I never knew about. Who knew my family owned a house in India!

Well I walk outside with my family and each of us rolling two bags behind us. All I see is a sea of brown everywhere. First thing I said, "I have never seen so many Indian people in once place Dad". right then and there my dad Tells me to Shut up and behave. It was one blazing hot morning in India that day. The dirt roads were dry as a desert and so was the air. As I am walking outside with the sun beating down on my face, this man just ran up to my family, started taking our bags and, kept saying "Madat karoo, Madat Karoo" (meaning Let me Help you in gujratri). It also didn't help that this man was short and stubby with a very fascinating face of facial hair, it was quite impressive. He scared me a little. I'm standing here like "Bro what are you trying to do this is my stuff". Then my mom smacks the back of my head and says, "That's our driver for the next two months". When she said that my sister and I just looked at each other with the biggest smile on our faces. That was probably the best thing that we have ever heard. Who knew in a third world country you would have your own driver! As we get into the car we are in route for our house that's about 20 min away from this airport. I look out the window and I see...a world so different from where I am from. Cars and my or scooters everywhere. Cows and dogs running around like it's there home. These poor animals looked like they haven't eaten in days. You could see the outline of their was so defined I thought I could just pull them out. As we are driving I start to tear up. One wet tear falls down my face as I see kids with no parents running up to the car as it stopped asking for money and food. These children were the same as the animals. I could see all there bones and it looked like they were gonna break with one tap. Life was so different here. People were different, there is not in between here. It's either good or bad. How does one live like this...

This was a life that I didn't have. A life that I never wanted. It shows that I am very lucky to have a family that provides me with food and money and shelter. Seeing the sadness in these kids eyes was very depressing. It is time to realize that I should be proud with what I have:)

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  1. Wow, that is very sad, I never knew things were so seems like today we hear more about Africa's poverty than other countries.