Saturday, February 9, 2013

Exploration 4

Something that fascinated me about the film was the fact that all of these extremely young kids already knew what they wanted to be and were working hard to achieve their goals. For a lot of them the first time they saw a ballet dancer they knew that this is what they wanted without any hesitation from them. It did remind me of the passages in Holding on, and the theme of determination and holding on to your goals even when things are difficult. I also had no idea how demanding and expensive becoming a ballet dancer was.

I found the story of Aran and how he was able to know what to do with his life and work for it at such a young age. It has to be rather rough trying to be a male dancer when so much negative stigma comes attached to it. Most people don't really know much or care about dancing and tend to dismiss it and the idea of a male doing it is viewed as odd. I can say that I do have respect for dancers and what they do now, I had no idea how hard it was for them to accomplish their dreams.


  1. I said the same exact i was so shocked that kids this young already knew what they wanted to do and they were willing to work as hard as they needed to to achieve it. good post

  2. I thought it was pretty amazing that these kids knew exactly what they wanted to do as well. I mean I didn't even really figure out what I wanted to do until my sophomore year of college. Unfortunately many people judge male dancers thinking they are feminine, when the reality of it is that they are probably some of the greatest athletes and fittest men in the world.

  3. Yeah you wonder how many of the young kids change their mind once they get a little older about being dancers. They seem pretty mature in how they handle themselves though for being so young.