Monday, February 18, 2013

number fiveee.

When you're a server you get seriously so busy that it is hard to keep one thought straight in your head. "Which table gets what food?" "What did they have to drink?" "This table needs extra salad dressing" it is just something that happens when you get busy. I work at Steve's Dakota Grill, scratch that I actually basically live there. I work six days a week and have school all day on the one day a week I do not work. My life gets so crazy and hectic sometimes. When I do work they schedule me shifts from lunch into dinner so I could work 12-10 at night. I was working Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.. our most busiest days of the week. I had just got 2 tables one whose order I had gotten and the others who the people they were waiting on finally showed up and then the host walks up to me and says "Kelsie, you have table 13" which at this point on top of those other 2 tables I had 5 others. A few were just talking and already paid for but the others were waiting on their check, waiting on sauce, waiting on a drink order, and since we were so busy we were getting silverware rolled to give to the guests. Well the table who had just gotten their salads needed silverware and I still needed to greet my guests at table 13 to get their orders. I said okay to my table with their salads and walked up to the other table and said "Hi, I'm Kelsie and I will be your silverware tonight" luckily they found me charming and just simply laughed.. that was probably the dumbest thing I had said as a server.

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  1. Haha that's funny, I do stuff like that all the time.