Friday, February 8, 2013

Exploration Four

"Even if I'm sick, even if I'm injured, I still dance." - Michaela

I thought this was the best quote to sum up the entire documentary of First Position. To watch all these kids work so hard to reach a dream, even working through an injury, was just amazing and a little on the sad side. These kids know from a young age what it is that they want to do, and should they fail, I believe they would think life was now worthless. They are their art form, their expression.

When it came to support, I did not hear anyone who had parents who did not support them. Aran's dad being a great example, "I have to say, I never expected my son to be a dancer. But I couldn't be prouder." These parents sacrifice money, time, work, and in Aran's case possibly their lives, to support their children in pursuing their dreams.

From watching First Position, I believe the stereotype of snooty ballet dancers has been demolished. If you look at Joan Sebastian's case, he is alone in NYC trying to support his family back in Columbia. He obviously is not coming from money.

Overall, I loved this documentary. It was easy to get attached to some of the kids. I just thought Aran and Gaya were too cute, but both were fierce and passionate about their mission in life, about dance.


  1. I agree with you, that was my most favorite quote too that Michaela said. And I also agree about believing that ballet dancers are snooty, for the most part I believe that some do not come from rich backgrounds and I believe that some are just following their dreams.

  2. This film does show as you said that some people are doing ballet to support his family back home. Also the quote that you gave at the beginning does show that everyone is working for their dream and will do what ever it takes to get it.

  3. Yeah, thats the quote i chose too, it really does sum it up, these kids are dedicated, they spend almost all of their time dancing, and they love it.

  4. I loved that quote. I also used that same quote in my post too. Your post was well written:)

  5. I got attached to the kids too!! It was so easy to get hooked on this film and it was almost impossible to not react when something bad or good happened to them

  6. The stereotype from me was definitely demolished after this Movie.