Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exploration 5

            There was an incident when I was younger and had a very terrifying experience of almost being hit by a vehicle. I was out on the lawn one day in the afternoon and the sun was at its apex. I was just playing around like kids do and all of the sudden my ball fell out into the road and I had to go out and retrieve it. The idea of looking both ways did not occur to me when all of the sudden I heard a loud noise and the squeal of tires trying to stop. The van stopped right in front of me and all of the sudden I was in the road and my mother was running out side. She started waving the vehicle along as if she was apologizing to the driver for allowing me to be outside and it was her fault. I was brought inside and was able to be to calm down and actually reflect on what happened to me and how to stop it from happening again. It was my fault for allowing myself to wander off into the street without any supervision from my parents. They give me a lot of freedom to do whatever I wish to and I really abused it in this instance for a brief moment and it almost got me injured.


  1. I have had a couple close calls with cars myself for the same reasons, chasing wiffle balls, footballs, baseballs. I think that every young kid has a moment like this. It's a wonder that more kids do not get hit my vehicles.

  2. Car accidents and anything involving them really freak me out. It's pretty easy to forget you could be in one, whether you're in the car or not. I myself just got spun off the road about a year ago coming up here for class.

    (I also like the use of the word apex here!)

  3. The must of been a terrible experience! Luckily this has never happened to me. I'm sure you look both ways now after that incident!