Sunday, March 31, 2013

Austin and Lauren S Outline

Who is Johns Hopkins?
Johns Hopkins
1.       Outline
a.      Johns Hopkins not only was a successful business man, but he left his imprint on the world long after he had died in 1873. With innovations in the medical world such as surgical gloves it became clear that Johns Hopkins was destined to make a difference in the world. Johns was able to leave behind such a large amount of money after passing that his family and business partners were able to fulfill his visions which included: Johns Hopkins University, an orphanage for African American children, and a medical hospital. Today, Dr. Ben Carson shows the world a little bit of Johns Hopkins with his countless medical successes and a vast amount of growing accomplishments just as Mr. Hopkins had done.
2.       Early life
b.      Grew up on a family farm with his 10 brothers and sisters in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
c.       When he was 12 he moved from the farm to work in his Uncle’s store.
d.      Because of his religion (Quaker) he was unable to marry his first cousin because it was against what they believed.
3.       Making a difference
a.      Opened an orphanage for African American children in 1875
b.      Followed by The Johns Hopkins University founded in 1876.
c.       Finally opened a hospital in 1889.
4.       “Firsts”
a.      Johns Hopkins medical school was the first school to admit women
b.      Also was the first to use medical surgical gloves when performing surgeries.
c.       His medical center had the first “Blue Baby” operation
d.      CPR
5.       Ben Carson
a.      Studied at Johns Hopkins
b.      Siamese Twins operation
c.       Thinking of going into politics
d.      Awards/ accomplishments
e.      Compare and contrasting with Johns

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