Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exploration 8

“Our economy needs to know-and care- about what it is doing” (Berry). This is exactly how I feel, our national debt is so high it think the presidents think” “oh well we already owe trillions, what’s a trillion more going to do?” We as a nation need to be conscious about how we spend money and really work to fix our debt and honestly make an effort and stop dropping billions on things that we do not need to. I think movements are a really good thing for the economy they bring people together and show everyone else that if you put a little effort into it you can make a difference you just have to want to.

Wendell Berry brought up something that really hit home for me, but he especially grabbed my attention when he talked about how corporations are piles of money and people who belong to them have sold their allegiance to them just because of the money involved in large corporations. Wendell argued that large corporations ruin the economy because they corner the market and force small businesses out of the economy. An example of a corporation like this would have to be Walmart. Walmart’s low prices are so low that people who run smaller businesses cannot compete. The “mom and pop” stores are becoming more and more scarce and Berry thinks that’s a problem. I personally agree with him entirely. Walmart is already worth hundreds of millions, and small businesses cannot even make a couple of dollars anymore because of greedy businesses like Walmart.

I would have to say Abortion is probably a topic in which I am uncomfortable discussing because of the fact that it is highly debated and viewed very differently by a lot of people. I can see both sides of the story and I think that is a lot of the reason as to why it makes me so uncomfortable. I understand that aborting a baby is basically murder and God would probably frown upon that. Being a person of faith I would be hesitant to encourage someone to do that. On the other hand I think it is very wrong also to tell somebody what they can do with their body. Especially if this woman was raped and forced into carrying a baby that she didn’t want. If a woman doesn’t want to carry a baby it should be her chose entirely, but also I think women and men both need to be more careful about sex and really think about the consequences before being careless with something like bringing a child in the world and just thinking afterwards: “oh well I will just an abortion” because I think that is a wrong way to handle the situation.   

I think I would to understand the welfare system more. I know there are people out there that rightfully need help with food and money and I think it is great that the government can help people out like that. On the other hand, I know there are a lot of people who abuse the system and buy drugs and other various items that they do not need. I do know that some people are lazy and simply do not want to get off their couch and get a job. I think that’s pathetic. This is why I would want to learn more about this because I am the type of person who is a “go getter” my father always taught me to work hard and never rely on other people to give you handouts. Like I said though, I realize some people are in bad situations and really do need help and I have no problem helping out people who are truly in need of help. I just think the government needs to better regulate and check up on people and make sure that they rare really trying to get a job, too many people want it easy and that’s not the way life works. If you want something you have to make it happen for yourself, end of story.

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