Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Willie Nelson and Alvin C. York

The two topics that I would be interested in are Country Music and World War I.

As far as country music goes I believe that Willie Nelson would be a good person to talk about. He is a pretty eccentric guy. In fact at one point he had failed with his music career, moved to Texas, became sort of a hippie, and then came back to music with a new identity. On top of his eccentricity Willie also took part in creating a popular genre of music. Outlaw Country is the genre given to music my Willie Nelson and many other similar artists of the time such as Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. Willie also took part in the newer idea of collaborating with several other big stars, which paved the road for artists to do the same thing today.

World War I is probably my favorite war to study because it was the first war where more advanced technology came into place. It is also interesting because the way it ends just sets up the story for why World War II started. Sergeant Alvin C. York is whom I would like to talk about from this event in history. I would say he was somewhat of a visionary with the way he changed his life and the reasons behind his beliefs. Sergeant York is most famous for taking over a machine gun nest, killing several German soldiers and then getting 132 German soldiers to surrender. For this act he received the Medal of Honor.

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