Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outline- Jackie Robinson- Nate Carey, Justin Bush

Jackie Robinson was an integral part in the Civil Rights Movement. He had the first large step in equality, by breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. He had the courage not to fight back against people physically, but did so with his actions in a peaceful way. After his baseball career, he contributed to the Civil Rights Movement through the NAACP. Jackie was a symbol of hope that people of any race could live their American Dream. He changed the culture around baseball which started a trend against segregation.
1. Courage/Tenacity
Comparison and Contrast to other African American players at the time. He was not the best player in the Negro Leagues, but he could “turn the other cheek”.

2. Civil Rights Movement
Talk a small amount on how he broke the color barrier which was the first big achievement in civil rights. Also about his other achievements in civil rights through the NAACP, and his relationship with Martin Luther King Jr.
3. American Dream
How Jackie Robinson impacted the American Dream of many other people. People of other races than white could play baseball, and have the dream of doing what they really want. He was a symbol of hope.
4. Culture Change
How sports bring people together and his bank and construction company after baseball. How Jackie changed the trend against segregation.

The impact of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier without fighting back, and how this event started a larger discussion of equality in our country.

We will include quotes from Jackie Robinson himself, Branch Rickey, the Dodger's manager, and Martin Luther King Jr. in our slideshow. We also have several pictures of him playing baseball, and some showing adversity that he faced. We may show some of the trailer of the movie "42" as well because it adds emphasis to how much hate that Jackie Robinson faced while breaking the color barrier of baseball.

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