Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exploration 9

There were many themes from this film but the most important one would have to be that organic farming is much better for both the Earth and humans than industrial farming. Industrial farming has caused a lot of problems even though it can give out a lot of food. However this film shows that more people should start organic farming so that they can make healthy food. It also is making a point that people should try and have small urban farms so that they can have a supply of healthy food whenever they want it. This evidence is very convincing when the film is interviewing people who were once industrial farmers but now gone to smaller, organic farms. Russ who was the hog farmer was someone who was raising massive amounts hogs but when a leg infection hit him, it really opened his eyes that industrial farming is a bad idea since it lets diseases grow. After that incident he later went to a smaller farm and didn’t use any chemicals to kill of diseases and now is making a better profit than before.
This film raises many question about people’s choice in food and how the food is produced. My doubts with this this film is that something is going to change. Since larges business are running most of the food productions, they most likely will not change their way of going because they are making money and that’s all it means to them. One quote from Joel that was good was “If you're committed to healing the land, then do something different” and this is very good because many companies want to be good for the environment and to do that they will have to change the way they are. Also this quote should be used for people who are complaining to farms that try to be good for the environment but don’t change anything. How we could apply these ideas to our culture would be to educate the people on how to do organic farming. This would then help people understand how it is done and could potential be good for the environment. This whole film was to show that food products claim to be “fresh” but when in reality it is just made is some factory. A good quote from Will Allen was “Food is at the foundation, but it’s about life” and basically he is trying to say that while it is food, it is still a living thing that we have to respect


  1. I agree with you that there is very little hope in the industry changing to more organic farms. It is something that we can all hope for, but there are many, many companies out there who probably won't go for it.

  2. I also questioned whether something is or isn't going to change. It seems like change would be a good thing but I can already see reasons why it won't happen.

  3. I also feel as if the change is going to be very difficult to achieve. Much like our energy practices, the solution is present but cost is a major roadblock. Maybe I'm a bit of a pessimist.