Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outline - Lauren U and Janaki

Outline for Fred and Ginger Rogers
I.                   Intro
a.       Ginger Rogers
b.      Fred Astaire
                                                              i.      How their style affected everyone
                                                            ii.      How their separate dancing affected everyone
II.                Compare and contrast
a.       Michael Jackson
III.             Dances from 1933-1939
a.       1933 (Flying Down to Rio)
b.      1934 (The Gay Divorce)
c.       1935 (Roberta)
d.      1935 (Top Hat)
e.       1936 (Swing Time)
f.       1937 (Shall We Dance)
g.      1938 (Carefree)
h.      1939 (The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle)
IV.             The Great Depression
a.       1933
                                                              i.      When everything began to fall and Hitler began to take his rise.
b.      1934
                                                              i.      The changes in the world caused the next world war
c.       1935
                                                              i.      The depression was still happening but new life was forming
1.      Babe Ruth hit his final home run
2.      Monopoly came out
3.      Penguin Books were made
4.      Amelia Earhart flew
V.                How Fred and Ginger affected America
a.       Through the years they were together and the great depression
b.      When they were separated
VI.             A video of Fred and Ginger dancing

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