Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exploration 8

"Worthy as these and other goals may be, they cannot be achieved alone. I am dissatisfied with such efforts because they are too specialized, they are not comprehensive enough, they are not radical enough, they virtually predict their own failure by implying that we can remedy or control effects while leaving causes in place. Ultimately, I think they are insincere; they propose that the trouble is caused by other people; they would like to change the policy but not the behavior."

This passage by Wendell Berry stood out to me most in the last chapter of the book. He talks about people creating movements but not doing everything in their power to try to make them work. I feel like this is something that almost everyone can relate to and not just about movements. When people want to change something they don't always try their hardest or actually look at what it takes to make the actual change possible. They keep doing what they always have been doing but without really changing anything. "They would like to change the policy but not the behavior" If you don't change the behavior, nothing has really changed at all, right?

A current social problem that makes me uncomfortable would probably the rising national debt. It just seems ridiculous to me that this is even a real thing. It's truthfully pathetic, I don't really even understand how a trillion dollars worth of debt is even possible. You don't spend money that you don't have. Period. It's aggravating that the world we live in relies on money that they don't even have.

A current social issue that I would like to most understand and explore is obesity. It's one of the reasons my major is Public Health. The number of children alone in the United States that are obese is ungodly. Children don't get enough exercise or eat nearly as healthy as they should. Not saying that I don't love a zebra cake every now and then, but it's just not good that little kids are growing up in a world where theres practically a McDonalds on every corner and physical activity just does not exist.

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