Thursday, March 28, 2013

Riley and Drew outline and intro

In this presentation we will be discussing Richard Pryor, a Comedian and actor, who found his influence through many struggles, that he continued to face throughout his life. From battles with drugs, abuse, and health which eventually, lead to his demise. There are many ways in which these struggle, in a way, Provided the basic foundation for Richard’s life, and comedy routines.


Slide one

Richard Pryor’s family, the movies he was in and the awards he won thorough out his life.

Slide Two

Richard Pryor’s Childhood, his military career and how he discovered his comedic talent.

Slide Three

               The topics of Richard’s comedy and the battles he had with drugs, domestic violence and his health.

Slide Four

            Eddie Griffin compared to Richard Pryor on the issues of drugs and the stress of being in the spotlight and the contrast between Eddie Griffin and Richard Pryor on the issues of comedy and childhood.



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