Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exploration 8

"My second condition is that the people in this movement should take full responsibility for themselves as members of the economy. If we are going to teach the economy what it is doing, then we need to learn what we are doing". I think movements are fine because they help lead to change. Without some of the historical movements in the past life would be a lot different. Yes society requires movements for change. Berry is saying that movements should be thought out and not just to fix one little thing but in turn messes up another. It should only help the rich or poor, it should affect both.
         I like the issue about movements the most in this book because I think he makes a lot of good points. Like how most of the time a movement will only be for certain types of people and not made to help all types, money shouldn’t be the deciding factor for the movement. We need to find cheap solutions not just the first solution we can think of at the time.
One of the social problems I uncomfortable with talking about is abortion. I think this because it’s kind of a touchy subject. I think abortion is wrong but at the same time if someone can’t afford a baby and would ruin both of their lives then they shouldn’t have the baby. Another thing is if someone would be raped or something along that line, they should have to have a baby they never asked for. But at the same time it’s wrong to end a life of a baby being born.

I would say that stereotypes are something I wish we could change. I think a lot of people judge people before even knowing them and assume that they are a certain way. This affects people getting job, relationships and many other aspects of our lives. I really don’t see how we would ever be able to fix this because people are all going to judge others; it’s just the type of world we live in.

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