Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exploration 8

"People in movements too readily learn to deny to others the rights and privileges they demand for themselves." -Wendell Berry

In this quote Wendell directly states that movements are selfish or in other words specific and contradictory in their prior beliefs and morals. Whether gradual or sudden, movements involve stepping boundaries and acting out of the norm.

My feelings towards movements are shared with Wendell's feelings in the sense that movements are fairly specific, there are peace organizations that are specific, for example, to a particular country or to a particular age group. Such as World Vision, helping children from around age 4 to 14.

Some of these movements aren't radical enough as Wendell states, this leads to movement tapering off in importance, that is why many step up their game and that can often lead to movement moral change. Such as how Wendell puts it, once nonviolent movements become violent to get the word across.

The issue that means the most to me that Wendell brings up is economy, needing radical change. Not by violence but by more strict and demanding ways. The ways we are trying to fix our economy now isn't working, so wouldn't it be wise to try something new, to be radical.

The current social problem that makes me uncomfortable i suppose is most likely what Wendell discussed in his last essay The Idea of a Local Economy, where businesses are gaining more power and finding us American's and our labor not as good of an investment as other countries and their poverty stricken workers who will work for barely anything, without safety or benefits. This is a problem that can and is costing us jobs and rights as Americans.

The current social issue that I would like to explore more and change would have to be the recession. It would be nice to have enough money to start my life and be secure and happy with my soon to be husband, instead of spending these young years in financial strife and headache. To basically begin the American Dream of having my own home and being able to afford the simple pleasures for me and my family. Recession is the blocking issue, and our economy is the problem that needs radical change now.

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