Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outline - Frank Lloyd Wright. Brittney and Dan

Frank Lloyd Wright has been big influence to the world of architecture and the way Americans look at design. From playing with building blocks as a child to witnessing many changes happening around the world, Frank Lloyd Wright has always had an interest in building and designing both houses and furniture. While he never actually finished college or got a degree, he received an honor Doctorate of Fine Arts for being such a successful architect, at the age of 88. Many different ideas that Lloyd had are still around today such as organic architecture and individualism. Frank Lloyd Wright was able to take the designs of Louis Sullivan and create an American style of architecture.
First thing that we will start with will just be an introduction to who Frank Lloyd Wright was and some personal background information. Some example will be he didn’t go to college but got an honorary degree. Also this will include that Wright worked for Louis Sullivan.
Next we will move on to some information as to who was Louis Sullivan. Some discussion will be what he created and what job Wright had with him. Finally, some information will be given to why Wright left working with Sullivan.
The ideas of how Frank Lloyd Wright designed his building and how they are very different then his former boss, Louis Sullivan. Some of Wright’s styles was the use of organic Architecture and the idea of individualism. Also Wright wanted America to have our own type of architecture.
The best way to show what Frank Lloyd Wright has created is to use photos of the different buildings he has created. Also the use of Lego models will help give a better visual understanding of some of Wright’s work.
Finally to wrap up the presentation we will discuss how building styles have changed since Wright. Also the legacy of what Wright has created and what the future of architecture is.

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