Monday, March 4, 2013

Iconic topic

I have two interests in life. Teaching is the main  one. The person who really inspired me to be a teacher was Erin Gruwell. She was the teacher who the movie Freedom Writers was based off of. If you have not seen Freedom Writers, I strongly suggest it. The movie is about a teacher who gets a job in a school district that is really lower class. She goes in the school where guns, drugs, and violence was and really really changed the students for the better. She also ends up changing grades as her students change. Like she moved from 10th grade, to 11th, to 12th to stay with the students she impacted because they impacted her. I am so crazy about this teacher because she did so much more than her job. She made her students apart of her life and in the movie she even gets a divorce because she is so wrapped up into her students. I want to be that teacher to help her students out the way she did.

I also have another interest, singing and songwriting. It is not a passion of mine or something I do but I admire it so much. One of the ones I do know of is Kara Dioguardi who I did not hear about until a while back. I have listened to her songs and she has the most beautiful lyrics in my opinion. I just love the words she uses and just everything about her voice. When I searched "Songs Kara Dioguardi has written herself" The first link said that 84 songs she had written. In a lot of them it had quotes around the famous person who has sang them as theirs.
Examples of those are;
Baby Love by Nicole Scherzinger
Back In The Day by Christina Aguilera
Best Of Me by Daniel Powter
Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson
Come Clean by Hilary Duff
Escape by Enrique Iglesias
Shadow by Ashlee Simpson
Sober by Pink
Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson
Wanted by Jessie James
What if by Ashley Tisdale
With Love by Hilary Duff
Terrified by Katharine McPhee
This by Darius Rucker
Understood by Christina  Aguilera
Super Girl by Hannah Montana
L.O.V.E. by Ashlee Simpson
Lost by Faith Hill
Ghost by Fefe Dobson
Love Story by Katharine McPhee

Fly by Hilary Duff
Good Day by Jewel
On Our Way by Christina Aguilera
Over by Linsday Lohan
Heaven Knows by Taylor Hicks
Home by Katharine McPhee
Play With Fire by Hilary Duff
 and many more.

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  1. wow, I will check out that movie, may make me cry though, that is a great dream, just think, those students will never forget what their teacher did for them, Just as I won't forget the teachers who inspired me and made school and learning fun. Best of luck to you :)