Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exploration 7 stewartD

Self reliance is one of my areas of interest and a man that has made an impact in this field is named Cody Lundin and he became famous because a television show he is on called Dual Survival, he has a school in Arizona that teachers people how to respect the land and how to become more self reliant as well as living off the land. His dream is to teach people some of the lost skills that people use to have in order for them to one day become fully self sufficient. His work I feel teaches us something that could be seen as very valuable because in our society today we all relies so heavily on technology that if we were to loose that we wouldn't be able to function or survive because we have lost those skills.

Medicine is another area of interest of mine because if we didn't have access to it our life span wouldn't last that long and our lives wouldn't be as comfortable as they are. Of the many people that has made an impact in this field i picked Elizabeth Kenny. She became famous because she helped polio patents with their pain which lead to some of the practice we use today. She was an unaccredited Australian nurse who promoted a new approach to treat polio before mass vaccination eradicated the disease. She was known for using heat treatment on patents because she was opposed to immobilizing children's bodies with plaster casts or braces. She would treat the children during the acute stage of the disease with hot compresses and she would also use a carefully designed regimen of passive exercises in order to relieve muscle spams. The work that she done back then with passive exercises has become what we know today as physical therapy.

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