Monday, March 4, 2013

Exploration 7

Sports: Tiger Wood, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali.
Civil Rights: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Emmett Till, Malcolm X, President John F. Kennedy

Martin Luther King Jr is most known for his I Have A Dream speech. Martin Luther King Jr represented the equal rights for blacks. He stood up for them and he was who black people looked up to in hopes for change. Even people who dont know much about civil rights knows exactly who Martin Luther King Jr is and know about his speech. Martin Luther King Jr influced many people lives today. The world would be much different today than it is. Yes we wouldnt probably have as unequal rights as we did, but i think the curve would be pushed back much further.
Michael Jordan is probably the most well known sports figure in sports history. No mater what generation your from you've most like heard of him. I think Michael Jordan represents the NBA and basketball all around the world. He shapped and turned it into what it is today. He made it much more popular that it was. The influence he has had on me was to get into sports and being active when i was growing up. Hes someone that i have always looked up to as i would think he has done for many others. I think hes a good icon to interpret becuase hes known at a national level. When you think of sports hes one of the first names people think off. When someone talks about the NBA his name immediately pops into your head

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