Monday, March 4, 2013

Exploration Seven

The two topics I would pick are civil rights and famous singers

Two Favorite People:
1. Billie Holiday- Topic one is that she had a very big influence on jazz and pop singing. Topic Two is that she had to deal with discrimination and unequal rights just to have her right to sing as a black woman.
- Billie became famous by starting in night clubs and then everything else progressed from there. Billie represents the idea of believing in what you're fighting for. Even though she was a black woman singing in a very critical time period it didn't matter for her because she still found a way to make people love her and her voice. The reason I chose this subject is because I love Billie Holiday and her voice, she is absolutely remarkable. She followed her dreams and that's what everyone is living to do.

2. Harry Belafonte- Topic one is that he had a very big influence of the coming of television singing and entertainment. Topic two is the discrimation and segregation he had to deal with and faught so hard to get rid of.
-Harry became famous by becoming one of the first black men to perform in front of a television screen.  Harry representented the black community and faught for the rights of  blacks. The reason I chose Harry is because he was introduced to me in another class and I was so fascinated by everything that he did and everything that he accomplished.

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