Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exploration 8

"One way we could describe the task ahead of us is by saying that we need to enlarge the consciousness and the conscience of the economy. Our economy needs to know-and care-what it is doing. This is revolutionary, of course, if you have a taste for revolution, but it is also a matter of common sense."

I believe that Berry is saying that the government and the people need to be aware of the state of our economy. Throughout this book Berry brings up the issue of awareness. The people need to know about the issues our economy faces. He also believes that we as a country need to use our own resources and develop a better way of living.

One social problem that is uncomfortable to talk about is the amount of goods and products we buy from other countries. I think this may be hard to talk about because the majority of Americans buy some things imported from other places. This does not help our economy. The mass production from big businesses like Wal-Mart put the small business out of business.

I think that this problem needs to be addressed. I would love to see the small home town businesses succeed. This is a far fetched dream because of the hole America has dug. I think for this to be successful, America needs to rely on our communities or neighbors for that products we buy. One of my favorite passages from The Idea of a Local Economy is:

"To be a consumer in the total economy, one must agree to be totally ignorant, totally passive, and totally dependent on distant supplies."

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