Monday, March 4, 2013

Exploration 7: Christian Music/zoology

The two favorites I would be interested in researching for our next project would be the start and progression of Christian Music here in America, as well as the start and progression of Zoology, two totally different subjects that I simply lack knowledge in and would enjoy finding answers too.

Christian Music, has been around for ages, many in the biblical times sang passed down poetic hymns by the Hebrew's. It spread into the American culture well before America was established. as this historical information site states, "Nearly a century before the first permanent English settlement in North America, Spanish missionaries spread their faith and music in the New World" ( This music however has always been a form of worship, though practiced differently through time based on advancement in technology and music style, it is stated in the bible that we should worship the Lord and play instruments in praise to him. Today's Contemporary Christian music is like today's secular, with electric guitars and familiar/likable beats, from slow to upbeat. Some of today's great Christian performers and songwriters would be Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Natalie Grant, and many more. The one who inspired me growing up would be Natalie Grant though, who has won the, "Music Association's Dove Award for Female vocalist of the year four consecutive years" ( Whats crazy is her primary dream was to be a school teacher.

Zoology on the other hand, started quite after christian music, yet it is an interesting field that involves classifying animals and understanding their behaviors, and observing them to learn more about them. I tried to do some research yet it seems every sight claims a different person to be the first zoologist. This is a more common field today, as new discoveries are always being made and zoologists make a ton of money. This topic is important to me because i believe it's important to discover all of God's creation and to protect them, they all have a purpose and are all amazing in their own unique way.

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