Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exploration 7

Philosophy- Plato, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I have always found Philosophy interesting and take great interest in learning more about the ideas that people have and why they think the way that they do. Plato for example had some very interesting ideas about how society should function, as expressed in his book the Republic.  In it he outlines how a perfect society, in his opinion, should function which is a class system with very strict rules on all the different classes of people. His idea would work but no one would ever agree to it, the main idea is that luxury should be shunned so the city can stay in a state of harmony amongst all of its parts or classes. He did not look at it like one group was superior to another but more like each group was a part of the machine that is a good society, each has a different role and should fill that role and nothing else, a farmer should farm and nothing more because that would weaken his farming skill. He had a unique way of looking at how society should run and was not afraid to speak his ideas to others and defend them from criticism.

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