Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bill Gates Outline - Cody and Chris

I.                    Who is Bill Gates?
a.      Bill Gates is both an innovator in technology and a genius of the business world. His company, Microsoft has revolutionized the world of personal computing and employed hundreds of thousands of people. His exploits in technology have benefited the world for almost forty years. Today he is one of the world's richest men and also one of the world's most charitable. 
b.      Childhood and family
c.       Bill first became interested in computers at the age of thirteen
d.      Dropped out of Harvard in 1975 to join Paul Allen at MITS
e.      Co-founded Micro-Soft this same year alongside Paul Allen
II.                  Bill Gates innovation on Technology
a.      Though many would argue that Bill Gates innovations are not truly his (and rightfully so) his expertise in the tactics of business have made an enormous impact on modern technology.
b.      What did he do to change the world?
·         Developed the first widely used graphic operating system.
·         Through Microsoft, he basically made personal computing what it is today
c.       How did he do it?
·         Talk about VisiCorp
·         Aggressive business tactics
d.      How would the world be different?
·         Computers would not be what they are today
e.      Who has he impacted?
·         Every person who has used a computer with a Windows OS
·         Hundreds of thousands of people employed by Microsoft
·         Everyone (Talk about how much industry relies on graphical interface)
III.                Modern day comparison: Mark Zuckerberg
a.      There are several individuals who possess qualities similar to Gates, Mark Zuckerberg (creator of facebook) is almost eerily similar.
b.      Became interested in computers at age twelve
c.       Also attended Harvard and eventually dropped out of school to create/grow his own company (Facebook)
d.      American Billionaire, one of the world's youngest
e.      Different type of business but goes along in the technology field
IV.               Bill Gates gives back
a.      Bill Gates can teach the world a great deal about giving back to society.
b.      Forbes #1 Most Generous People.
c.       Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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