Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exploration 7

Two areas of interest that I have are medicine and politics. 
People that I think have made a difference are Ben Carson, Glenn Beck, John Hopkins, and Cathy Rodgers. 

Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon that performed the first separation of conjoined twins.  He grew up in a very poor family in Detroit, Michigan.  Carson was an incredibly poor student in school but turned his life around and became a world class surgeon.  Most recently he has been an advocate for the republican party and voicing his opinions on the current economic state.  His areas of study have included neuroscience, oncology, and pediatrics.  I think its great that he has achieved so much when he grew up in a family with a mother that only had a third grade education.  Listening to him speak, I think he is truly an inspirational person to everyone and realizes that just because he's hard a tough life, he's not a victim.

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