Tuesday, March 26, 2013

exploration 9

I think the most important theme in the movie Fresh is how natural ways of farming is much better then the industrial way. Some evidence that shows this is the better way is what George Naylor said "the chemicals eliminate the risk on crops, the people, and nature. Also the industrial way is very unethical, they keep the animals pilled on top of each other, over 2,400 hogs in one small building. This also leads to disease and a lot of problems. For example they don't feed the animals the right type of food which causes problems. They are feeding the cows dead cow meat because it will make them grow bigger, but  this lead to the mad cow disease and affects a lot of different things when this happens. As Michael says "there is a huge sanitation problem caused by these animal cites". "by taking them off farms it doesn't go with the natural solutions of how the animals and crops all work together".
When watching this film i did have a few questions. like how Joel said he made $14,000 more the following year after we took his animals off meds, even though his group was smaller. the reason why i kind of question that is because if thats the case why don't all these big companies do it this way. Another question i had is when they showed will at his farm. Is it safe to not take out the waste of the fish and use that water for the plants. i feel like that would be a sanitation problem.
I think these ideas could be applied to our culture and help a lot. the think what wills doing would be the easiest way to make an impact. if people would just take a little of what he does and apply it to their like it could make a huge impact and also save them some money at the same time. it would also be good for the environment. if people could get by this way in the old days we should be able to now with all the technology advances we have.


  1. I'm glad you meanted the cows eating dead cows as well because I thought that was very appalling and I couldn't believe that was happening.

  2. About the fish: I know that there's somewhat of a sanitation problem when the environment is not controlled and pollution falls into the mix. However, Will's environment was controlled with unpolluted fish. This means their waste was good for the plants and definitely helped improve their growth. [I grow some plant sin my own fish tank and they flourish.]

  3. I had wondered the same thing about the waste of the fish. But I felt I understood it more when they said that nothing is filtered out in nature and that's where we get a lot of our most organic food. Like the film said, "the plants feed the animals and the animals feed the plants."

  4. Yep, again, you have that idea of a monoculture, that nature just isn't meant to form to. It is the rushed, 'I want it now' American view. And about your first question. I believe the reason people do the industry way, is on the surface it looks like a better deal, to industrialize in their minds means to put out more animals/vegetables to feed a growing world. They look at it from a business perspective instead of a conservative perspective. And the reason they have to give the animals so much medication is due to the living environment they keep this animals in, they are unhappy, fed the wrong substances, and basically walking around in their own waste with little exercise. This creates an environment much like the holocaust concentration camps, illness spreads easily. Especially when body to body with others and low nutrients and health.