Monday, March 18, 2013

exploration eight

A current social problem that makes me uncomforable is the idea that a lot of our countries attacks and tragedys have been considered government conspiracies. Plenty of people think that 9/11 was an inside job, that JFK was shot by a covert member of the CIA, and most recenlty that all of these shooting in schools and movie theatres were planned.  Since the re-election of President Obama gun control has been a hot issue on his agenda.  Many citizens think that all of these shootings were organized to help push new gun control laws.  The idea that our government is that corrupt is very nerve wracking.  American's should feel safe in the U.S. not worry about attacks on their children at school. I am very much an advocate for the right to bare arms and the government trying to regulate that even more is ridiculous.  Berry had some very controvertial insight on the 9/11 attack and other government issues. I liked how he told the way he felt and was willing to be criticized for it by both poilitical parties. I think he is a very admirable person for putting himself out there.

A current social issue that i would most like to understand and change is bullying.  The rate of suicide in children from being bullied at school has sky rocketed.  Just last week a 12 year old boy died from getting beat up by two other boys at reccess.  What kind of society are we by having children thinking that is acceptable behavior?  I'm not sure how we could change it other than being able hire more teacher's aides to supervise the playground.  Children need to learn how to be respectful and work out there problems in a non-violent way.  After I graduated high school there was a fight in the girls bathroom.  Nine girls attacked one freshman girl and she ended up having several broken ribs and her jaw wired shut. Several girls held the door shut so school officials couldn't get in.  This behavior is appauling and I don't remember children ever being that cruel when I was in school.  This has gotten to an entirely new level. 

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