Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Exploration 7-Morgan Beveridge

Two thing that I am interested in are The Olympics and music.
Carrie Underwood was the first name that came to mind when I thought of someone inspirational in music.  I once breifly saw a TV show on Carrie Underwood.  It told her life story of how she gotten into music.  From what I saw on the TV show  she had many let downs in her life, but she never got discouraged from her dream.  To me that shows that hard work and faith really do pay off.  Throughout her fame, she has stayed connected to herself.  She has not lost who she really is.  She hasn't let all the fame and fourtune go to her head when she really has ever right to because im my opinion she is pretty impressive. 
When I thought of The Olympics, Shawn Johnson was my first thought.  Shawn is an impressive gymnast who really is inspirational to many young women.  She is only 21 years old now and has already accomplished so much due to her hard work.  She came out of retirement to do the thing she loved most.  She can't let go of that part of her life but due to injuries she has had to. 
I feel that these two ladies are very inspirational because they both have worked hard for what they have accomplished.  To me that means a lot becasue I feel that the people who work hard deserve the most, especially because they have a love for it.  Shawns gymnastics is my cheerleading and Carries music is how I view my life.  Carrie has worked hard for her music career and I am working hard in college to have a successful life. 

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