Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Exploration 7 (Cheeseman)

Engineering: Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison
Da Vinci is best known for painting the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. He is definitely a dreamer as well as a visionary. He actually was many things, an artist, engineer, musician and architect to name a few. I would say that makes him a qualified dreamer. He pursued anything that he developed an interest in. He grew famous for his artwork but was paid little and decided to study engineering in pursuit of higher pay. He designed tanks, submarines, catapults, and even machine guns. It may not sound very important, but keep in mind that he was born in the fifteenth century and was therefore a visionary. One value that da Vinci represents is self belief. I think that a lot of individuals fail to believe that they are capable of so many things and da Vinci has proven that you can be capable of whatever you set your mind to. In essay one I actually wrote about how da Vinci has influenced my life. I originally wanted to study law but I used to watch the show "Doing da Vinci" and it was the first thing that got me interested in engineering. My major is now mechanical engineering.
Almost everyone has heard of Thomas Edison and rightfully so. He held over one thousand patents. Some would argue that he didn't do it alone but none the less there is a reason why he is such a famous engineer/inventor. He is credited for inventing the light bulb, the first video camera and the phonograph. His work on the electrical grid in the United States undoubtedly had a profound impact on technological advancement in our country. He was definitely a visionary and represents values like hard work and creativity. After I graduate I plan to work at my cousin David's engineering firm and in my spare time I would like to work on my own inventions at home. I've wanted to do this ever since I did a project on Thomas Edison during my freshman year in high school.

Music: Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix
Bob Dylan is arguably the most famous folk musician in history. His lyrics typically revolved around social and political issues. (He is actually credited with being the definitive songwriter of the 60's protest movement) He really popularized folk music in the 1960's. If you listen to his earlier music you can really feel the emotion that his music intended to bring out. I would consider Bob Dylan to be a visionary. I love music and really enjoy music that allows the listener to "feel" the music. I believe that a songs ability to evoke emotion from the listener is what makes that song a true piece of art. This quality is indicative of Dylan's earlier work.
Jimi Hendrix revolutionized guitar playing. The fact that he was able to play guitar in such a way that one instrument could sound so full is incredible. If you listen to a Hendrix riff it is really amazing in comparison with a typical riff. Most bands require both a rhythm and a lead guitar to make up a full sounding guitar track. Jimi Hendrix could do it all with one guitar. Not to mention he was self taught, and used unorthodox guitar methods. He was both a dreamer and a visionary. I spent a lot of time learning Hendrix riffs. Being a guitarist myself, his abilities really inspire me to continue playing and practicing as much as possible. Also, the fact the he was self taught has allowed me to believe that I could learn to play even though I didn't have a teacher.

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