Monday, March 4, 2013

Expo7- AA


One area of interest that I greatly admire is astronomy just because it is beautiful. I have always been in love with looking at the sky and being able to get lost in the stars during the night. 

It's kindve hard to tell who really discovered astronomy because it has been around literally since the beginning of time. Galilei Galilei was pretty important though because he improved the first version of the telescope and made is possible to magnify the images even better than before. He is who many would consider the “father of astronomy” so I would consider him a visionary because he never stopped trying to discover more about our universe. Edwin Hubble (Hubble’s Law, Hubble Space Telescope) was a dreamer who didn’t take on astronomy until later in his life. Then discovered the Galaxy is a lot bigger than we thought.  There wasn't really any specfic eccentrics that I could find in the astronomy field but if I had to pick someone it would be the Europeans that named the constellations. They had to have some type of imagination to create all of these connections that somewhat resemble what they are named after.


My other area of interest that I picked is architecture. I already talked a bout this in class but it's something I've always imagined myself doing and I've always thought it was neat. 

Some people consider Frank Lloyd Wright to be one of the most important figures in architecture. This is because he was a visionary. He visioned interior and exterior together and incorporated natural and natural influences into his work. Dreamer, Jørn Utzon, designed the Sydney Opera House solely on something that was completely new and never been seen. Architects of the future are mostly eccentric and do anything they believe is possible.


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